Flash Upload Example

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  1. Due to the limitation of Flash and HTML <object>, FlashUpload CAN NOT be put in <form>
  2. On the left example, we create one <form> containing "FirstName, LastName, Email".
    A FlashUpload object (outside the form).
    And another form holding the Submit button.
  3. Upon clicking Submit button, the following actions take place:
    1. Upload the file, and process it in upload_2_file.cfm
    2. After file has been uploaded, upload other fields, and process it in upload_2_data.cfm
    3. Combine both file and other fields in upload_2_data.cfm

    The upload process is done using JavaScript.

To customize FlashUpload object, please see the following example
View source code: example_2.cfm, upload_2_file.cfm, upload_2_data.cfm