Flash Multi Upload Example

Change Flash file input setting using form below:

Maximum number of file allowed to upload: (0 means no limit on how many files allowed to upload )
Maximum file size each allowed to upload: (in bytes. 0 means no limit on each file size)
Maximum file size total allowed to upload: (in bytes. 0 means no limit on filesize total)
Redirect to:
(Browser will be redirected to this URL upon upload completion)
File filter:
Comma delimited list of allowed drop down title and file extensions.
For example: Images,*.jpg;*.gif;*.bmp
Each title and list of extensions are seperated by comma.
Show upload button in Flash object:
If Upload Button is not shown in the flash object,
you still can trigger the upload process by using JavaScript as shown in the ordinary Submit button below.
Call JavaScript event handler:
If true then we will call a JavaScript function for each event generated by FlashMultiUpload. In this demo, the JavaScript function that will handle the event is called "ShowStatus"

Upload file using Flash Multi Upload component below:

Note: In this example, all uploaded file will be automatically deleted in our server to conserve hard drive space.
To upload file along with other form data, please see the following example
View source code: example.cfm, upload.cfm